Funding Angler Science

We are pleased to announce that LOSTU has decided to provide $6,000 in funding for the Angler Science program.  We hope that this will motivate other North Carolina chapters to add their support.  It’s an exciting new venture that has succeeded in other areas of the country and will provide a database of information about our cold water resources.

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Assisting With Angler Science in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

TU Members in the stream

For two days in July, eight Land O’ Sky Trout Unlimited chapter members worked with the Fishery Biology unit staff of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park sampling Big Creek and Cataloochee Creek. Both days were focused on Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI) sampling.

Large stream IBI sampling takes place in lower elevation streams where the species diversity is greater. The goal isn’t to enumerate all fish in the site, so no measuring or weighing. Instead, this sampling technique involves surveying different types of habitat for shoreline, riffle, run, and pool to determine what type of species are present and using those types of habitat. Crews were broken up into different groups to survey the habitat. One crew shocked along the shoreline, while another shocked into a large seine located at the bottom of a riffle. The idea was to see what specific species of fish are occupying the different habitat (darters, shiners, bass, trout, etc.). Data were collected and will be used by the fishery folks for monitoring stream health.

Participating members included Parker Andes, Jane Margaret Bell, Ron Bradford, Jay Hawthorne, Krishun Karau, Neal Labrie, Rick Miale, and John Miko.

If you are interested in participating in future conservation activities, please send Jay a note at

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More Angler Science Coming to WNC Through TU!

We are pleased to announce that LOSTU has decided to provide $6,000 in funding for the Angler Science program.  We hope that this will motivate other North Carolina chapters to add their support.  It’s an exciting new venture that has succeeded in other areas of the country and will provide a database of information about our cold water resources.




Powder Mill Creek

Photo courtesy of Andy Brown, Trout Unlimited


Our own member, Andy Brown (TU National Stream Restoration Manager, Southern Appalachian Region) has been very active this spring with several initiatives. One such initiative takes place in Cedar Rock and Powdermill Creeks where streams are being reconnected with significant restoration work. Andy has more such activities in the planning stages so keep an eye out for more about those here on our website and from Andy at our September 11 chapter meeting.

The second initiative is related to the Angler Science program that Andy discussed at our January chapter meeting. It carries the title Sky Island Coldwater Conservation Planning Area. As Andy outlined in January, the program includes fish passage barrier assessments, sedimentation surveys, water quality monitoring of ‘before and after’ conditions, and other sampling activities. These activities will lead to future restoration work in these important, multiple watersheds encompassing much of our chapter area. Volunteers and funding will be needed to execute the program and Andy hopes to kick it off in the fall. One of the key elements of success according to Andy is “solid relations with TU chapters and councils”. He is working with Pisgah TU and a Tennessee TU chapter as well as Land O’ Sky TU and the NC State Council. For those of you looking to make a difference and get into a stream for conservation, this sounds like a terrific opportunity!

Read more about these initiatives in Andy’s post on the Trout Unlimited national website.

Stay tuned! Andy will be presenting at the September 11 chapter meeting to lay out his program in more detail. If you want an early peek at it, contact Jay Hawthorne at

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Kid Fish Day 2018

On June 2ndseveral members of Land O’Sky TU volunteered to help the US Forest Service with their Annual Kid Fish Day at Lake Powhatan.  We purchased the food, cooked, and served the kids and their parents at the event.  It was a great time and we were happy volunteer and donate our time.

Thanks to Curt and Karen Campbell, Charlie Daughine, Dave Vigue, Ron and Pat Gore.


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Kevin Howell to Speak at June 12 Chapter Meeting

Kevin Howell

This is the last meeting before we take a break for the summer, so be sure to come!

Kevin will be speaking at our June 12 chapter meeting at REI starting at 7 pm on Best Places to Fly Fish in the Southeast

Kevin Howell is an author, lecturer, fly-fishing instructor, and guide. He is a member of the Sage Ambassador Advisory Staff, and an Umpqua Signature Fly Designer and serves as an industry consultant to several major manufacturers. Kevin is the Owner of Davidson River Outfitters in Pisgah Forest NC and a partner in Andes Drifters in Argentina.

Kevin has been guiding the waters of North Carolina, South Carolina, and East Tennessee for 25+ years. Kevin is a former winner of the Fly Fishing Masters Championship, Harman’s North Fork Invitational, and the Rumble in the Rhododendron national fishing Tournaments as well as lots of regional and local fishing tournaments.

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LOSTU Stocked Spring Creek This Year!

For the first time that anyone can remember, LOSTU members volunteered to stock Spring Creek near Hot Springs for the 2017-2018 Delayed Harvest season. The first stocking was on a cold April day where waders and Polartec felt really good! (Just ask member Michael Ebbs who was shown tossing trout off a bridge that day!) The weather for the May 4 stocking was much more agreeable. On this day, we stocked over 1200 trout and there were some serious piggies (> 3-5 lbs.), both rainbows and browns as well as a lot of brookies.

Krishun Karau with her friend from California, Bridget Dugan, Curt Silvers, Chris Tomsic, and Tom Tenbrunsel (on the truck). Photo credit Jay Hawthorne.

The Setzer Hatchery superintendent was very pleased that we volunteered to add Spring Creek to our usual stocking schedule of the N. Mills River as this creek is a very long way from the hatchery (on the Davidson River) and would require him to send a much larger crew to do it without our help.

This is the last stocking that LOSTU does for the spring Delayed Harvest season. We start again in October with the North Mills River on October 1 and Spring Creek on October 5. For more information on our stocking activities or if you wish to join us, please connect with Curt Campbell at

Now, it’s time to go out there and catch them! Tight lines!

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Fly Tying and Fishing Challenge

Dame Juliana Berners was the prioress of the Priory of St. Mary of Sopwell near St. Albans in Britain. A Treatyse of fysshynge with an Angle was part of The Boke of Saint Albans which was first printed 1486. The other parts of the book were hunting, hawking, and heraldry.

 I think it would be fun to tie her flies and fish them here. These three flies are among the twelve included in her book and are described as effective in May (which means she beat Ernie Schwiebert’s Matching the Hatch by almost five centuries!)

So here’s the challenge – tie one, two or all three and fish them. There will be prizes for the first trout and the largest trout caught using them.

Following are her patterns, translations to current English, and photos of the flies. Since there were no standard hooks or hook sizes back then (in fact she describes how to make your own hooks) use any style or size you want to.

Bring your files and photos of the fish you caught to the June meeting.


In the begynnynge of May a good fly.   The body of roddyd wull and lappid abowte wyth blacke sylke.  The wynges of the drake & of the redde capons hakyll

Body – reddish brown wool ribbed with black silk.

Wings – mallard quill

Hackle – brown, tied palmer




The yelow flye. The body of yelow wull , the wynges of the redde cocke hakyll & of the drake lyttd yellow.

Body – yellow wool

Wings – mallard quill dyed yellow

Hackle – brown, tied palmer



The blacke louper, the body of blacke wull & lappyd abowte wyth the herle of ye

pecok tayle & the wynges of ye redde capon wt a blewe heed.

Body – black wool ribbed with peacock herl

Wings – brown hackle tips

Head – blue silk (or wool) however there is some controversy whether she meant that the capon had a blue head or that the head of the fly itself should be blue.  Your choice.

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Working Together for Conservation

On April 30, members of LOS TU and Pisgah TU joined forces to install line containers on the S. Toe River in Yancey County. The containers were placed near the obvious entry and exit points so that anglers can deposit spent line in them and keep it out of the river. Not only is the line unsightly tangled in the brush but can also be a danger to fish and other wildlife.

The work was requested by the Pisgah National Forest Service office near Brevard which manages all sections of the Pisgah Forest including those (like the S. Toe) near Mt. Mitchell. This was the fourth attempt by the team to make the installation…..two other times we were snowed out and one time there was a rain deluge!

From left to right, the team included Clive Morris and Tim Schubmehl from Pisgah and Ron Bradford and Jay Hawthorne from LOS.

In the past, Pisgah TU members have also helped LOS stock the N. Mills River and our folks have supported Pisgah in stocking the Little River in Dupont State Forest. We also share the Cantrell Creek Trail Restoration project which is still being planned to start field work this fall.

If you are interested in doing some field work with us, send Jay Hawthorne a note at

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May Meeting – May 8, 7 PM at REI

Our past president, John Miko, will give a presentation on Tenkara
fishing.  The last time he did this I wpent a half-day with him and it
made me an immediated convert to Tenakara.  It’s easy to learn and lot
of fun.  I hadn’t had such a great time fishing for a long while.
Our stream stocking is done for this season but we will resume on
October 1st so put that on your calendar.
And on June 2 we will be supporting the US Forest Service on its
annual Kid Fish Day.  We’ll ned a half dozen or so members to help out
with serving hot dogs and sodas to the participants.  Details in a
future email and will be posted on our web page.
For our meeting on June 12th, our speaker will be Kevin Howell from
Davidson River Outfitters.
Hope to see you at the meeing and on the stream.

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Don’t Forget Stocking This Week

Mills River on Tuesday May 1st.  10 AM – 2 PM.  Meet at Mills River Campground Parking Lot.

Spring Creek on Friday, May 4th.  10 AM-2 PM Meet at Hot Springs Parking Lot on South Andrews Avenue

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