Thanks to all of the intrepid LOSTU volunteers  – Charlie Green, Chuck Dauphine,  Ron Watkins, Jon Moore, Trevor Reis, Krishun Karau, Justin Metzger, John Metzger, Dave Sergas, Thom Flinders, Neal Labrie, Seth Burns, Steve Buchanan, John, Bennett, Michael Krol, John Lordeon, Brad Lunn, Cliff Albertson, and Jay Hawthorne – who showed up to stock the North Mills River on March 5th.  We stocked 800 browns, 800 rookies, and 400 rainbows including a few real monsters so go out and get ’em.

Don’t forget our meeting next Tuesday, March 13th at the REI on Schenk Parkway.  Roger Parkin, Patrick Brady, John Miko, and Cliff Albertson will be demonstrating how to tie some sure-fire winning patterns so don’t miss out.  And we’ll have two tickets for the 8 PM showing of the F3T film show on March 31st as door prizes.  We need about four or five volunteers for each show so please let me know wither at the meeting or email me at  

And speaking of volunteers, we need a bunch of you to help out with the Orvis Guide Rondezvous in April.  Contact the volunteer coordinator Reba Brinkman – – with your availability.

Finally or friends at Pisgah TU Chapter are having their 2018 edition of their fly fishing school.  It will be on Saturday April 28th at Harmon Field in Tryon, NC. It’s a very intensive and complete day of instruction in a wide range of essential knowledge and skills including equipment selection, line systems, casting and line management, fly selection, stream tactics and stream etiquette and safety.  There will also be an introduction to fly tying and includes a half-day of fishing with a mentor to apply the lessons of the class.  Cost is $150 for adults and $100 for youths aged 12-18.  For more information or to register visit their website –

Hope you’ll join us at the meeting next week and share your fishing stories with us.

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Spring is on the way and it’s time to start tying some new patterns. So for the upcoming March Meeting (March 13 7 PM REI Schenk Parkway) bring your vises (not vices – we’re a family organization) and show off your tying skills to those of us who are butter-fingered. If you want to demonstrate your skills, email me at and let me know so I can have an idea of how many tables we will need.

Also, a reminder that our first stocking of North Mills River will be March 5th. We’ll meet at the campground parking lot about 10 AM and spend a few hours distributing the fish up and down the river.   As I write this the forecast is partly cloudy with a high of 60.But the weather channel has been known to be not too accurate on their long-range forecasts so it will probably be snow and 35 degrees. In any case, bring waders because you will be going in the water.

Our intrepid Conservation Chair, Jay Hawthorne, has contacted the Hatchery Superintendent and he welcomed our offer to help stock Spring Creek on April 9th. There are only a limited number of volunteers needed so contact our Stocking Chair Curt Campbell at rockygrove.curt@gmail,com to reserve your spot.

Our February meeting with Matt Culp was one of our biggest turnouts, Matt always has a great presentation and that is as entertaining as it is informative. There are some opportunities for volunteer work with him this summer and we will pass along information about dates and locations as soon as we find out.



Also upcoming in March is the F3T Film Tour sponsored by our friends at Hunter Banks. There will be two showings on March 31st – Main Showing doors open at 7 PM and the show starts at 8 PM. The Matinee opens at 1:30 and the show starts at 2 PM. Tickets are available at Hunter Banks either online or at the store: $15 for the Main Showing and $10 for the matinee. We will need volunteers for both shows to sell raffle tickets so email me if you want to help.

Also coming up – In April we will be helping Orvis host the Orvis Guide Rendezvous. The tentative agenda is:

Tuesday April 10th – Volunteer Dinner hosted by Orvis. (Will be assigning tasks at this event)

Friday April 13th – Cocktail Party at the Renaissance Hotel Downtown Asheville (15-20 Volunteers needed for the evening)

Saturday April 14th – Orvis Guide Olympics Highland Brewing, Asheville (30-50 Volunteers needed, all day)

This agenda is subject to change.

Our Chapter Vice President, Reba Brinkman, is the Lead Volunteer Coordinator as as you can see there is a need for a LOT of help. If you can volunteer please email Reba at

Finally our own Jacob Rash, rod maker supreme, has informed us that the 8th Annual Carolina Cane Gathering will be held on April 19-21 at the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education near Brevard, North Carolina. Events will kick off with a picnic supper at 5:30 pm on Thursday the 19th at the Sycamore Flats Picnic Shelter on Rt 276, just north of the intersection with Rt 64. This will be followed by program activities at the Education Center on the 20th (8:30 am – 5:00 pm) and 21st  (8:30 am – 12:00 noon) and by a dinner/social gathering on Friday evening at the Ecusta Brewing Company at the Rt 276/Rt 64 intersection.

The cost of the Gathering is $65 per participant for those who register prior to March 1, 2018, and $75 for those who register between March 1 and April 1.This fee includes access to all program activities, the welcome picnic, coffee and pastries and lunch on Friday and Saturday, and the dinner/social on Friday night. Lodging costs are not included. 

Our goals are to provide rodmakers (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) with opportunities to meet other builders, share tools and techniques, brainstorm on common (and not-so-common) problems, cast rods, and enjoy fellowship.

Additional program details, and registration information will be posted on our Facebook Page –

To download our registration form visit:

Ooops – one more thing – I forgot to mention that we had a winner of the 2018 Icebreaker Challenge at the February meeting. Unfortunately I forgot to write down his name.

Tight lines to all and see you in March.

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Volunteers Needed – Huge Fundraiser

Good afternoon fishing friends! 

As you may have heard, the 2018 Orvis Guide Rendezvous is coming to Asheville April 12-14. I am working with Orvis as their Lead Volunteer Coordinator and I am reaching out to you to inquire if you or anyone you know may want to be a part of this awesome event as a volunteer!

I will be recruiting upwards of 50 people to help with the cause. There are different levels of roles and tasks along with variety of shifts that will be assigned. NO fishing experience is necessary for participating as a volunteer. As a benefit for helping Orvis, they will be issuing a generously deep discount for up to three Orvis Fly Fishing products to all volunteers (30% off WHOLESALE!!!) as well as hosting a volunteer dinner so that you can meet the Orvis staff that you’ll be working with. 

 Tentative Agenda:

Tuesday April 10th – Volunteer Dinner hosted by Orvis. (will be assigning tasks at this event)

Friday April 13th – Cocktail Party at the Renaissance Hotel Downtown Asheville (15-20 Volunteers needed for the evening)

Saturday April 14th – Orvis Guide Olympics Highland Brewing, Asheville (30-50 Volunteers needed, all day)

This agenda is subject to change.

If you are interested, please send me your contact information and availability as soon as possible! I am available to answer any questions directly in regards to tasks and opportunities.

Of course, feel free to forward this email and my contact information to anyone that would be interested.

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State of Trout in America’s Most Popular Park 

At our February 13 chapter meeting (REI store on Schenk Parkway in Biltmore Park at 7 pm), we are excited to have Matt Kulp (Supervisory Fishery Biologist) return for another engagement with us.   Matt has worked in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for almost 25 years and is nationally well known for his work restoring native fish populations.  He currently leads efforts in the Park on brook trout restoration and our chapter has worked with him and his staff in that activity.

  Matt will cover a variety of topics including trout status in the Park, study of mercury in fish tissue, and fish restoration projects.   He will also discuss 2018 opportunities for volunteer activities for us with his team. This meeting has been one of our most popular topics in past years so come early, share stories with your buddies, and stay for a great time.

Here we are in February and no one has yet claimed the Icebreaker Trophy! I hope it’s just that the first trout of the year hasn’t been reported and that there’s a winner out there. Maybe we will find out at the February meeting.

Something else to put on your calendar are the dates for stocking the North Branch of the Mills River.

March 5, April 2, May 5, October 1, November 2.

We usually meet about 10 – 10:30 in the parking lot of the Mills River Campground. So if you want to know where the REALLY big ones are (and I do mean big) pack your waders and join us.

And don’t forget the F3T film festival is coming up next month – March 31 at the Highland Brewery.

Also, it’s nearing the time for us to nominate a student we will sponsor for River course. If you know a student between 13 and 15 who would really benefit from this, please let us know.

And finally, kudos to our Conservation Chair, Jay Hawthorne who participated in the Mountain True “live staking” on the Upper French Broad River. Jay is doing a great job and is constantly finding volunteer projects for us.


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Top Ten Whys of Fly Fishing


  1. Why do you find golf balls in trout streams but never find trout flies on a golf course?
  2. Why do you find only # 16 hackles on a neck when you’re tying # 14 flies?
  3. Why do hackle pliers slip on the last turn and not the first turn?
  4. Why do 7X tippets break at dusk but not at noon?
  5. Why do new waders develop leaks and old ones you want to replace don’t?
  6. Why do you sneeze right after you’ve sorted and stripped a dozen pairs of hackle tip wings?
  7. Why do you not remember that tip for tying pattern “X” that you picked up at the tying demonstration until you’ve tied 10 of the dozen you wanted to make?
  8. Why is it that when you’re almost done with a fly and think, “Hey, this is gonna be one of the better ones”, the thread breaks as you’re tying off the hackle?
  9. Why does your bird dog that won’t pick up a woodcock pick up your # 1 Metz neck when you get up to answer the phone?
  10. Why do we consider a person who is too busy to go fishing a success?


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PADDLE-n-PLANT Work Day Volunteering Opportunity
 The French Broad Riverkeeper and MountainTrue are combating sediment erosion in our local waterways. Sediment is a major polluter in our river basin, clogging fish and aquatic habitats, increasing water temperatures, and transporting toxic substances. We are helping to reduce the amount of sediment that flows into our rivers by planting live-stakes along eroding riverbanks. These stakes will grow into trees that will stabilize the sides of the rivers and creeks where we plant them, and will reduce the overall amount of sediment getting into the river. We have lots of dates to choose from, so come out to one or more of our Paddle-n-Plant work days!  (Also, please mention that you are connected with LandO’Sky Chapter of Trout Unlimited so that the organizers can see the connection to us.)


*Please note the deadline to sign-up will be by noon on the day before the event. Thanks!


  • January – 17, 19
  • February – 2, 7, 27
  • March – 8, 13

Times: 10am – 4pm

Locations: French Broad River in Transylvania and Henderson Counties. Meeting locations will change, depending on water level, and will be emailed to you 1-2 days before the work day.

What to bring with you:

  • Lunch
  • extra change of clothes
  • warm layers (we’ll be on the water, so dress for weather, but also make sure it’s things you don’t mind to get dirty); we’ve got a couple dry bags
  • rubber boots and/or waders (We have some, but not many so bring your own if you have them.)
  • pocket knife (if you have one)
  • water to drink
  • really, just what you think you need to keep warm and dry that day.
  (If you cannot get the link to work for you, please contact our Conservation Chair, Jay Hawthorne, at and he will help you get in touch with the Work Day organizers.)
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I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that the New Year brings all good things. Of course that includes lots of fishing and maybe trips to exotic places (so you can do a program on your trip!)


And speaking of the new year, I haven’t had any report of the first trout of the year. Has anyone even dared to wet a line in this weather?




We will have our regular chapter meeting on Tuesday, January 9th at 7 PM in the REI store. Our speaker will be Andy Brown who will do a presentation on TU in the Southern Appalachians: Collaboration in Coldwater Conservation 2017 Results and 2018 Opportunities. Hope to see you there.

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December Meeting

We’re in for some cold weather on December 12th but don’t let that deter you from coming to our meeting. Jeff Curtis of Curtis Wright will bring a bundle of new gadgets and goodies to add to your holiday wish list.

Hope to see you there.

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December Doings



We had a great turnout this morning sorting and pricing the items. There is about a ton (well, not literally) of terrific items so thank you for your donations. Come early and take your pic. There is the usual collections of rods, waders, boots, and other fishing stuff as well as some unusual items – a Mad River canoe, a pair of snowshoes, and even an 8” Meade Reflector telescope. We are in our usual location on the left wall side of the hall as you enter.


Our monthly meeting will be on December 12th at 7:00 PM at the REI on Schenk Parkway in Biltmore Park. Curtis Wright will bring some new items that you just can’t live without. Well, okay, maybe you CAN live without them, but they’re good to put on your holiday wish list or keep in mind for your next trip to the store.


In partnership with the Pisgah Chapter we raised $4,000 in donations. And because so many of us donated we had top scores in all categories of the challenge and won an additional $10,000 to use for the joint conservation projects we have with Pisgah. So, again, thanks to all of you for your donations.


The new year is coming up and with it is our First Fish of the Year contest. The angler who catches the first verified fish of the year on New Year’s Day (or later if the weather on that day is unfishable) wins a small prize and gains notoriety by having the photo of the angler with the winning fish posted on our website and Facebook page. And, yes, the first fish does have to be a trout.

Best wishes to all for a happy holiday season.

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Western North Carolina Wins Big!

As you know, the Embrace A Stream Challenge ended at midnight.  We knew we were doing well in the standings, but until this morning we didn’t know just how well we were doing.

There’s great news today for everyone who lives in or visits western North Carolina and enjoys her beautiful streams, rivers, woods, mountains and trails; for everyone who cherishes wild places and wants to ensure that they’re there for many future generations to enjoy.

The Cantrell Creek Project received close to 130 gifts — none of them huge, but each and every one of them a game-changer, a difference-maker.

Working together, with help from Orvis and TU, we turned $3,905 into $14,505 for the Cantrell Creek Project.

Total of Donor Gifts:  $3,905
EAS Prize for Most Money Given:  $2,500
EAS Prize for Most Unique Donors:  $5,000
EAS Prize for Most $25+ Gifts:  $1,500
EAS Prize for Most $10-$24.99 Gifts:  $1,000
EAS Random $10 Drawing:  $100
EAS Random $50 Drawing:  $500
EAS Challenge Total:  $14,505

Without your personal gift none of this would have happened.

We are amazed and humbled by your generosity, and your willingness to step up big and come through for Cantrell Creek, the south Mills River and all of the wild places in western North Carolina.  You’ve done it so many times before, and we knew we could count on you again.

Take some time to savor your victory. You’ve earned it.

We’ll talk more in over the next few days but for now, while we all take time to let it soak in, we couldn’t pass up this chance to say a heartfelt Thank You.

Your friends at Pisgah and Land O’ Sky TU.

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