Stocking fish in Western North Carolina

North Mills River — Monday, October 1

On Monday, October 1 we will be stocking the North Mills River as we have done for many years. If you have done it before, you know the large number of really nice fish that the Setzer Hatchery sends to this stream. If you have not joined us for this event, please give it a try.

We meet at the North Mills Campground parking lot at 10 am (for donuts!) and the truck usually arrives shortly after that. But sure to bring your waders and gloves as those buckets with 3-5 lbs of fish can be heavy.

Spring Creek — Friday, October 5

On Friday, October 5 we will be stocking Spring Creek in Madison County. Supporting the Hatchery folks in stocking Spring Creek is new for our chapter. Several members did it last spring and it was a hoot! Setzer Hatchery is a long ways from this stream and the Hatchery folks really appreciate our help here. It is also a very good place to find some nice trout that not everybody knows about.

We meet in the town of Hot Springs in the ‘downtown’ parking lot behind Spring Creek Tavern at 11 am and the truck usually arrives just before or at that time. Don’t forget your waders and gloves…….we will handle some piggies!


Don’t feel comfortable hauling fish? Then, come out for a river cleanup day!

If you need directions or have other questions, feel free to contact Rick Miale at or Jay Hawthorne at