Curtis Creek & Mill Creek Old Fort, McDowell County

Mill Creek

Mill Creek is located in downtown Old Fort.  The DH section runs from the US70 bridge downstream to the I-40 overpass.  The stream is quite small, yet in the past has been stocked with a good number of Brown trout.  There are some small pools towards the top section and a nice long run behind the industrial building on the upstream side of the Catawba Ave bridge, but getting in and out can be a bit tricky.  There’s plenty of easy access along the stretch behind the school down towards the I-40 overpass.

Curtis Creek

Curtis Creek is just a few miles past Old Fort on US70.  When heading East, turn left onto Curtis Creek Rd.  As you drive up the road you will see a fairly large pull-off for parking.  Follow the trail for a short walk to reach the stream.  Drive up the road a bit further and there is a public access & parking spot.  A portion of the upper section is actually handicap accessible with a well built trail and a few decks overtop of the water.  Again, this stream is fairly small.  Similar to the N. Mills River.  Up top there are lots of plunge pools, while the bottom mellows out to more longer runs.


Neither of these two waters are very deep.  Standard DH tactics work just fine.  You won’t have to worry about carrying much weight.  One of my fav’s is a #10 or smaller wooly bugger (dark colors).

Why not make it a double?  Both of these streams are small enough to be fished together in the same day.

In December spend the morning cruising down the slopes of Sugar Mtn, then stop off for a few trout on the way back to Asheville.  (What? Skiing and fishing in the same day………Well yeah, why not?)

Curtis Creek